Visitors & Training

Our lab offers cryo-EM internship training for doctoral and postdoctoral fellows that allows interns with no previous experience to gain in depth expertise in cryo-EM for the benefit of their research. Over the course of the recent years we trained ~20 scientists from academic institutes abroad, as well as industry. Many of the projects have developed into long term collaborations and resulted in publications.

We support guest researchers with EMBO, FEBS and IUBMB fellowship applications, and our lab provides all the needed research equipment, consumables, bench and office space. The access to the advanced cryo-EM set-up and computational workstations for data processing is covered by the lab as well, and we help guest researchers to develop proficiency in cryo-EM during the visit.

We also welcome group leaders for sabbaticals. Expertise exchange through scientific dialogue and multicultural working environment are important values for us.

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