Welcome to the Amunts Lab web page

Our research group investigates the fundamental question of how proteins are synthesized, folded and assembled into functional multicomponent bioenergetic complexes that drive the cellular energy production.

We determined structures and mechanisms of some of the most complex multi protein assemblies driving key bioenergetic processes, including chlororibosomes, mitoribosomes, photosystems and ATP synthases. It has illuminated how different cells obtain their energy, maintain the bioenergetic balance and shape their bioenergetic membranes. From the evolutionary perspective, the achieved understanding of the diversity of these systems provides now a framework to study the mechanisms underlying their development.

The lab is part of the EMBO Young Investigators program that allows the group members to enhance the efficiency of the scientific research by having free access to the core facilities at the EMBL Heidelberg. Our research is further supported by long-term grants from the ERC, Wallenberg Foundation, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, Cancer Foundation.

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